Robert (Bobby) H. Dembowski Jr. was a young man from Ivyland. He enlisted in the U.S. Army and died while deployed in Baghdad, Iraq in May 2007. His mother said he would positively be thrilled to learn that he is still helping veterans today.

Valerie Lechner, co-chair of the newly formed Hometown Heroes Banner program in Mansfield, has been carrying a sample banner with Dembowski's picture on it to gain support for the project from local organizations.

About a month ago, The Wellsboro Gazette published a photograph of Lechner holding the banner with with Dembowski's image. Robert's mother Fran Dembowski learned of the article and photo from Bernice Kerr, a close family friend who leases property to the Dembowskis.

"We have property in Tioga County and when my husband was up there, she handed him the article and he couldn't believe it. This woman was like a grandmother to Robert. I just had to get in touch with Valerie and Jane Wilson [the other co-chair of the program]," Fran Dembowski said.