Backwoods Extreme with David Orlowski


It’s just about time for Pennsylvania hunters to pay a hunting license vendor a visit. The new hunting licenses go on sale June 17 this year.

That means those hunting licenses and stamp endorsements you’ve been carrying around in your wallet — or — truck since this time last year will become worthless at midnight June 29.

If you plan to be in the forests of Pennsylvania when the 2019-20 hunting seasons open in most of the state, you’ll need to update yourself on the changes that the game commission made for this year. That means you’ll need to take a break from fishing, turkey hunting or vacation and go online and read up on it.

Who knows what seasons you may want to participate in this year? Starting this year, we have three different elk seasons, a early muzzleloader bear season, an extended archery bear season, etc. I’m sure you’ll want to decide what seasons you want to partake in and what licenses and permits will be needed.

Of course, some will drag their feet a bit before making those license purchases. That is, until their hunting pals inform them the DMAP tags are generally available about the same time hunting licenses go on sale. Then they hear that general doe tags will go on sale July 8. They don’t want to miss out on because there’s always that possibility their buck tag may not get filled.

But even when you get through the big game hunting part of it all, you’ll still need to make a few other choices of those extra add-on activities you enjoy so much. There’s a migratory bird stamp, a pheasant stamp or duck stamp. Or maybe you’re a trapper and decide you need a furtaker’s license and those extra permits for bobcat and fisher.

Now that you’ve read this, take some time, go online and get up to date on the latest seasons and regulations for the coming season. Once you’ve done that, click on the PGC hunting licenses site and make a list of what licenses you want for this year.

That way once June 17 rolls around you can click on the PALS system and purchase your licenses. Or if you prefer the old school method you can visit a local sporting goods store and do it that way.

David Orlowski is a writer, hunter, fisherman and outdoor enthusiast from Potter County. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.