Backwoods Extreme with David Orlowski


Well, it seems like the smoke has barely cleared from the legislation that brought you the new Saturday deer season opener and now there’s possibly more to come.

There is plenty of talk and legislation being presented which may add three Sundays to hunting season: one for rifle deer season, one for archery, and another to be decided upon. This proposal came about after the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau agreed to the reduced number of days.

To hunters here in Pennsylvania, it is considered a great accomplishment from the antiquated laws presently on the books. We have strived for a long time to get things changed. Even if it only comes a little bit at a time, it’s well worth it.

Then, when you least expected it, the subject of antlerless deer tags resurfaces again. Back when the PALS license system first went into use, many said doe tags should be available through the same system so as to simplify the purchase. It didn’t come to fruition as the county treasurers wanted it left the way it is.

Now Sen. Dan Laughlin, who sponsored the Sunday hunting bill, is doing the same to get the ball rolling on the way hunters apply for antlerless tags. Change could come possibly as soon as next summer if Senate Bill 485 sees movement in the Senate by fall.

That would surely be a step up from mailing in a paper application along with a check or money order in the pink envelope we’ve become so used to. It would be simple by using the PALS system where you click on the license you want, then pay for it with a debit card.

As to how the doe tags will be regulated will be up to the Pa. Game Commission if the bill gets passed. How hunters apply for bonus tags would also need to be addressed. I’m confident some sort of system would need to be put in place to determine when sales hit the allotted antlerless quota for each region in the state.

Laughlin says it’s all about making it convenient as possible for people to purchase licenses. When you think about it, we already do almost everything online or by phone. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply click on to the PALS license system or just walk into the sporting goods store and instantly have your doe tag?

Who knows, possibly those pink envelopes will become collectibles and we’ll make a step forward in modernizing the licensing system.

David Orlowski is a writer, hunter, fisherman and outdoor enthusiast from Potter County. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.