I was just sitting around sort of daydreaming after a great morning of trout fishing and the idea of mentoring came to mind. Sure, some of you do it to some extent once the trout opener arrives but it’s during hunting season when you give it the most thought. That’s when you make the time to take your children and friends who’ve never experienced the outdoors out hunting.

The activity sort of limits your own hunting experience so usually the mentors get of couple of days of mentoring out of it. Generally you then take several days to get in your own hunting time and, hopefully, fill some tags so just maybe you can mentor again on the second or third Saturdays.

But a lot of time it just doesn’t happen due to other issues that need taken care of first.

With the world in the current situation, it is the opportune time to spend your time mentoring. Since we have so much free time, there’s really no excuse not to take advantage of it and get outdoors. I’m sure many of you have been doing that since trout season opened. But it’s getting even better, because the spring turkey season has arrived.

You’ll have four weeks to spend in the woods chasing those elusive birds. Yes, I said four weeks in which you can tag your own bird and still have plenty of time to mentor other new hunters. That’s two weeks of rising before daylight and hunting until noon or two weeks of hunting daylight to sundown, depending on your preference.

That is a great option when it comes to introducing new hunters to the sport. We all know first time hunters may not be too keen on the idea of rising at an early hour and being in the woods before daylight. For many, the choice of waiting until after waking up at their regular hour and then hunting the rest of the day is a better option. With that option, you’ll have the early morning hours to yourself before returning to the woods with them later. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

When you look at it from another perspective, spring gobbler season is probably one of the best times to introduce someone to the hunting sport. Yes, deer season is the usual route followed but it doesn’t provide anywhere near the thrill or excitement that spring gobbler hunting does. Personally, I don’t think deer hunting is all that exciting unless you shoot a trophy buck occasionally.

But turkey hunting is a thrill from the moment you enter the woods and hear a gobbler sound off somewhere close by. That is totally different compared to hunting other game animals. That thunderous gobble instantly causes your heart rate to increase quite rapidly. It happens not just once, but each time the bird responds to your call to the point that your heart is pulsing so rapidly you swear the approaching bird can hear it.

Just think about that for a moment. If it still makes the hearts race of us veteran hunters, what’s it going to do for a new mentored hunter? That gobble is going to get him excited, the bird strutting into sight is going to rattle his nerves, then if the shot connects he’ll definitely be hooked on hunting.

Like I said, it’s win-win situation for both of you. He’ll have his bird and will want more action like that again while you can be proud of the job you’ve done.

David Orlowski is a writer, hunter, fisherman and outdoor enthusiast from Potter County. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.