Ma plans retirement

Cheryl “Ma” Brown (center), who has prepared students for concerts and performances, plans to retire from the job. She poses with her friends and helpers, Mary Rosenswie Jordan and Ashley Woodruff

Wow, what an incredible week. I went to the school for Grandparent’s Day and to help the Rotary distribute books, the high school for nightly rehearsals and three performances of Newsies to a 90th birthday party to Rotary where we learned about a new program from CARE and heard from students at the CTC about their ROVA experience, AND we celebrated Mother’s Day.

The musical was, as we have expected them to be, excellent! Just wonderful performances from everyone, great set and costumes. A little bonus: some newspapers featured the cast photo and individual shots of the performers.

It was a bittersweet day yesterday. The show was perfect; love the music, loved the performers but the most love was being shown to the beloved directors, Ken and Annamaria Myers.

They’ve put our schools on the map for so many reasons and Sunday was the third and final performance of Newsies as well as their last musical at PAHS. The couple will retire at the end of the school year and will leave their students and the community with years of beautiful musical memories.

The Music Boosters are hosting an Open House Friday, May 31, at the Veterans Memorial and invite you to come and share some of your memories with Ken and Annamaria. Time is from 2-6 p.m.

Mary Boller Causer celebrated her 90th birthday Saturday afternoon at the VMI. It was a great party with lots of family and friends. She looked beautiful! Happy birthday Mary.

I snapped this photo prior to Saturday’s performance of Newsies. Not only are Mr. and Mrs. Myers retiring, Cheryl “Ma” Brown who retired a few years ago from teaching, is hanging up her costumes for the last time.

For as long as I can remember, Ma has been there getting the kids ready for concerts and performances and taking care of everything — sewing, washing, storing, etc. of costumes, robes, band uniforms and more.

She’s headed up the hair and makeup departments as well. She, at times, had a little help, including Saturday night, from her friends Mary Rosenswie Jordan and Ashley Woodruff. Thanks, Ma for your many years! We appreciate you more than you will ever know.

The Rotary Club handed out books to students in grades three, four and five hoping to kick off a summer full of reading for these students. President Nicole Larsen spearheaded the event and had a little help from her daughter, Claire. I think the kids were delighted with their books!

We celebrated Mother’s Day with a great brunch at the Port Freeze. Thanks, Ed! It was delicious! My mom had a full day — church, lunch with Lexi, the musical and brunch at the Freeze. Love you mom! So happy we could spend Mother’s Day 2019 with you!

There’s much more to tell, lots of things coming up, but I’m tired and headed to bed.

Be kind to one another!

Pam Fischer is a lifetime resident of Port Allegany and a writer and photographer for the Reporter Argus.