The Mayflower is very pretty, it would have us to believe. Why then does it hide beneath those big leaves?

That's my once-a-year attempt at poetry. Even more attractive than a mayflower is the fact that our plans for a 2020 trail shelter are beginning to come together. We have a site approved at Bolich Run, which is about Mile-17.8 on the STS. There is a great little meadow area there and a small stream nearby. Overnighters, or just hikers taking a break, should love this spot.

Before we can start on that project, we have some road improvement to do, as there is a dirt lane leading back to a forestry gate, which in turn leads to an older haul road, which goes to the site. The haul road is in pretty good shape, not so the dirt lane.

We need to access the site with pickup trucks and small trailers to get the materials to the site. The trucks could probably travel the dirt road OK (barely), but the trailer would probably be dragging the bottom.

None of us are road-building experts, so we're not absolutely sure what this lane needs. But what we can see is that it needs some drainage pipes put in and some gravel placed in the deep ruts. We've received donations and support from two camps along the road for gravel, and also some donated pieces of pipe.

So, bottom line, we think we can make some great improvements. Our plan is evolving by the day, so the first stretch of good (dry) weather that comes along, we should be ready to begin. The team of Allen (Buzz) and Gary Russell, Mark and Matt Kelly, and Barney Gamby have already cleared the brush along this lane.

As for the shelter itself, we can usually put those up in 2-3 work sessions. Sometimes we camp on-site one or two nights to complete things. Truth be known, it's mainly for a couple of evenings around the campfire. There may be some stories we missed the last time.

All are welcome for the work, the campfire, the stories, whatever. We even invite sasquatch, hoping he, his woman and the kids will stop by. Imagine the stories they could tell. This is along the Hogback Hollow Trail, so you never know.

We may be "Green for go," but that doesn't mean the virus has gone away. We value the health and well-being of each and every member, so we try to play it safe.

We feel that people are plenty safe along the trails; the virus isn't hiding out there in the woods waiting to grab you, just the ticks sometimes. And they aren't really a problem. Just get some permethrin and follow the directions. But also, check carefully, just in case.

We're nearing 1,500 hours of trail care so far this year. Our crews have been going like gangbusters out there. We're sure to set a new record this year. Things are growing fast though, and we will be busy mowing the sections that we can for the next few weeks.

What with weed whacking, brush cutting, blazing, trail leveling, bridges and benches - hey, no time to get bored. Come along and join the fun. Stay safe.

Bill Boyd is a member of the Susquehannock Trail Club. He can be reached at