The December Susuquehannock Trail Club meeting/Christmas Party was yet another wonderful event, enjoyed by the 27 members who attended. We gathered at the home of our secretary, Lois Morey, on Saturday, Dec. 14, starting around 4:30 p.m., to give us some social time before dinner at 5.

After dinner, the club held a brief business meeting, at which time several reports were given. The trail care report shows that 1,805 hours were tallied for work on the trails. This is just a little shy of our highest number of hours reported, which was 1,817, just a few short years ago. And we had 48 participants doing trail care this year. More on the party and gift exchange in a later issue.

A couple of our main projects were the building of our fourth trail shelter, which is located at about Mile-60 along the Gravel Lick Trail; and the partnering with KTA on the Greenlick Hollow log bridge and trail relocation. This latter project will afford hikers no “wet” crossings of Greenlick Run, just one bridge, and the new trail runs up the west side of the stream to join the Italian Hollow Trail.

The usual brush cutting, weed whacking, blaze-painting, blowdown removal, lopping and mowing accounted for the bulk of the hours spent.

Just a note: Another Gravel Lick Trail can be seen on the maps, running from Gravel Lick on the Cross Fork Road to Twin Sister’s Trail. This trail has fallen into neglect over the years, and is no longer used by hikers, other than those who are capable of bushwhacking and map and compass use. Our latest shelter is on the STS section, Gravel Lick Trail, which runs from McConnell Road to the B&S RR grade in the valley.

You will see KTA mentioned occasionally in conjunction with our news. For clarification the KTA, Keystone Trails Association, is an umbrella group representing some 40-plus organizations throughout Pennsylvania. These range from trail clubs like ours, to hiking clubs, climbing clubs, conservation organizations and so on. This gives us representation at the state level.

I’m not sure this is their official motto, but another term used by KTA is “Keeping Trails Alive.” And this they do admirably year after year, with about 17 or so trail care events all over the state. We try to mention most of the events in this column, so if you see one in your area, feel free to contact the leader and step up and lend a hand.

We at the STC wish all a happy and healthy merry Christmas! We hope to see you on the trails in Penn’s woods next year.

Bill Boyd is a member of the Susquehannock Trail Club. He can be reached at