STC News by Bill Boyd

Susquehannock Trail Club

I just now returned from a day on the trail Friday evening, Oct. 25. Several of our STC members partnered with the Keystone Trail Association to put a log bridge across Greenlick Run, and clear and blaze a new trail up the west (left) side of the run.

The reason for doing this is to eliminate the many stream crossings along this stretch. And the reason it was a joint effort with the STC and the KTA is the trails run concurrently for about eight miles, from Fork Hill Road to the junction of Osborne and Porter Branches.

The trail part is completed but the bridge work will run into at least another day. Each club was represented by about eight or nine members I believe.

To give you an idea of what the KTA does each season they come out with a schedule early in the year which lists their work parties for the season. This year, for example, they began on April 4 on the North Country Trail at Slippery Rock Gorge. April 25 they were on the Mid-State Trail, State College Region. May 2 found them working on the Chuck Keiper Trail in Sproul State Forest.

May 14 they were at the Baker Trail, near New Bethlehem. Hickory Run State Park was their next destination on May 16. On May 30 they were back on the Mid-State Trail, this time in the Woolrich Region, Tiadaghton State Forest.

June 6 they were back in Tiadaghton State Forest, this time on the Black Forest Trail. The Mid-State Trail, Tioga Region, in the Tioga State Forest was their work area on June 20. June 27 was a trail-care trip to Tiadaghton State Forest again, to work on the Golden Eagle Trail.

July 11 found them working on the Allegheny Front Trail, in Moshannon State Forest. They traveled to the Allegheny National Forest on July 25 to work on the Tracy Ridge Trail System.

On Aug. 8 their work took them to Mid-State Trail again, Everett Region, Buchanan State Forest. On Aug. 22, they were on the Thunder Swamp Trail System, in Delaware State Forest. On Sept. 12 they did some work on the Tuscarora Trail in Cowan’s Gap State Park. They were in Pinchot State Forest on Sept. 26, to work on the Pinchot Trail.

On Oct. 24 they were back in Sproul State Forest to work on the Donut Hole Trail, this being the work party that we joined in on.

And their last stint at trail care for this season will be on the Bucktail Path in Elk State Forest on Nov. 7. Each event has a team leader, and they usually camp at a state park, but sometimes it’s a state-owned cabin.

The weekend events run Thursday through Sunday, and sometimes they will have Trail Crew Week, which begins on Tuesday and goes through the weekend.

So, count ‘em, you should come up with 17 events. This is a dedicated group, don’t you think, dedicated to keeping Pennsylvania’s hiking trails open. This is all volunteer work.

I don’t know the employment or retirement status of any of these people, but I do know it’s 17 weekends away from home and family, doing their share of good will for the hiking community. So, thanks guys and gals; it was great working with you today.

The next STC meeting will be Nov. 9 at the Boyd ranch on Summit Road. Dish-to-pass dinner at 5 p.m., meeting to follow around 6.

Bill Boyd is a member of the Susquehannock Trail Club. He can be reached at