STC News by Bill Boyd

Susquehannock Trail Club

The trail club will meet Saturday, Sept. 14, at Saulter Park. People usually begin gathering around 4:30 p.m. for some social time.

Burgers and dogs (supplied by the club) will be on the grill at 5 p.m., with the business meeting starting about 6. Guests are always welcome, and we are especially interested in any new ideas on how we can maintain and improve our 85-mile hiking trail.

We intend to nominate it for “Trail Of The Year,” so we need to put some extra effort into the maintenance and improvement. We currently have it divided into 19 maintenance sections, all with volunteer maintainers, ranging from an individual to couples, families, groups and scout troops.

We’ve shortened some of the sections to make them more easily managed, and recently signed on some new volunteers. But more help is always needed and appreciated, as it is quite a task to keep an 85-mile woodland trail properly maintained.

If you would like to make the 14th a full day, be sure to attend Karl’s Farm Day, at the Klein Family Century Farm at Mina. Things get underway around 10 a.m., with demonstrations of some of the old farming methods. Karl has a new (1926) thresher that will be operating this year, belted up to his steam tractor.

Other attractions might include a guy operating his rope-making machine, another turning wooden bowls on a small lathe, maybe a corn-sheller and sometimes the shingle-mill. An old car, truck, tractors and other equipment are on display.

Around lunchtime there are donated dishes-to-pass and some pots of good chili arrive in the spacious garage. Following lunch, the 1926 Ireland sawmill gets fired up, powered by a 100 HP Twin-Cities engine. The sound of this thing alone will be worth your visit. And if you like horses and mules, take a gander at Karl’s small herd. Things wind down in plenty of time for you to get to the meeting. Hope to see you at both get-togethers.

Bill Boyd is a member of the Susquehannock Trail Club. He can be reached at