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Maybe you like to pop in your earbuds before going on a morning walk. Or, perhaps, you prefer to multitask while enjoying lunch and keeping busy at work. You might also like to relax and unwind on the drive home, but instead of cranking up the radio to your favorite song or jamming out to a classic oldie, you tune in to your favorite podcast. Sound strange? Not so much.

Podcasts, which have roots dating back to the 1980s, have seen a sound wave of popularity since catching hold again in the mid-2000s. Some research has shown that as of 2017, at least 112 million Americans have listened to podcasts.

And health podcasts — especially ones for guys — are no exception. Whether you’re interested in fitness and workouts, food and nutrition, mental health or even the latest health news, there’s likely a podcast for you. Check out some of our favorites and get to podcasting.

The Brian Keane Fitness Podcast

Podcast perks: Fitness, workouts, nutrition, holistic health

Listen up: In this podcast, which started in 2016, Irish fitness trainer Brian Keane answers questions and interviews leaders in the world of fitness, health, mindset and natural wellness. It’s recommended for “people who are looking for a more holistic answer that does not apply the one-size-fits-all method but a more open-minded one,” Keane says. Recent episodes include bloating and skin issues, flexible dieting, and calisthenics.

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The Hilarious World of Depression

Podcast perks: Mental health, depression, anxiety, comedy

Listen up: Hosted by veteran humorist and public radio host John Moe, this podcast is a series of frank and funny conversations with comedians who have dealt with depression. Depression can be an isolating condition and is often stigmatized. This podcast attempts to break the stigma and create a sense of community. Recent episodes include adventures in therapy, figuring out regular adolescent behavior vs. alarming disorder, and imposter syndrome.

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The Fat-Burning Man Show

Podcast perks: Food, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle

Listen up: Whether you eat a diet of paleo, keto, vegan or aren’t sure what diet you should be eating, author and musician Abel James speaks the truth about health and nutrition while exposing misleading claims in this podcast. Recent episodes include the dangers of social media, kettlebells and carbs, and how to spot fake experts.

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The Testosterone Daily Dose Podcast

Podcast perks: Alternative health, sleep issues, sexual health

Listen up: Evan Chait, a nutritionist and co-founder of Kinetic PT in Ramsey, New Jersey, says he’s an avid listener of this podcast by Chris Walker, a neuroscientist and testosterone enhancement expert. It focuses on ways to naturally boost testosterone and gives information for anyone struggling to build muscle or lose fat. It’s a great tool for men struggling with low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, sleep problems, male pattern baldness and lack of motivation. Recent episodes include how to train like an athlete, whether you should eat dessert, and how bread can increase testosterone.

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