Maddie Knapp passes out lunches

Maddie Knapp greeted customers with a big smile Tuesday, March 24, as she helped pass out a free lunch consisting of hot dogs and macaroni and cheese at Rosie’s in Tioga.

TIOGA — Maddie Knapp is doing her part to help others as COVID-19 makes its way to northcentral Pennsylvania.

Knapp, an eight-year-old student from R.B. Walter Elementary at Tioga Junction, decided she would help distribute lunches while school is not in session. Setting up shop at Rosie’s, her aunt’s restaurant in Tioga, Knapp passed out free hot dogs and macaroni and cheese Tuesday, March 24, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Despite the chilly weather outside, Knapp was excited to be able to provide the lunches for all who came.

“It makes me really happy to help people get food if they don’t have any,” Knapp said.

Knapp, like others throughout Tioga County, is filling a need brought about by the effects of COVID-19. While volunteers and staff distribute packed lunches to Northern Tioga School District students ages 0-18 Monday, Wednesday and Friday at locations throughout the district, Knapp helps to fill the gap on the days when the schools aren’t giving out lunches.

In addition to providing lunch for school age children, Knapp’s aunt Rosie said that a lot of people have been coming to pick up the free hot dogs and macaroni and cheese for elderly individuals who live nearby but can’t leave home with the threat of the coronavirus.