The line for the second dairy donation drive-thru, held this past Sunday, April 18 at Taylor Pride Farms in Lawrenceville, quickly grew from seven cars at 10 a.m. to a mile long stretch.

More than 266 cars drove through the U-shaped driveway at Taylor Pride Farms in less than two hours on the second day distributing of dairy donations. Recipients received two gallon jugs of milk and a box containing an assortment of refrigerated dairy products.

The organizers have received more than $6,400 in monetary donations from more than 131 sponsors. Monies are used to purchase dairy products in addition to milk and cheese donated by DFA, Turks Dairy and Middlebury Co-op.

Local businesses Tioga Container and Wunderlich Hoof Care provided boxes and Dana’s Diner donated cooler storage space. Dana’s has been closed to the public since early March. Other local business owners donated purchased milk and neighbor, Jim Meyers loaned the organizers his moveable beverage unit.

“We will only need about another $1,000 in donations and we will be fully funded to give out the same amount of product next Sunday,” said Wunderlich, who estimates they fed a 1,000 people with the amount of dairy product given out in the 255 boxes along with the 500 gallons of milk. “This is a big thing for our community.”

Wunderlich is an organizer for the event and promotes the event through his Facebook page.

“The majority of people who came through gave a donation as well as taking a donation. It’s pretty awesome when people receive their dairy product and donate as well,” Wunderlich said.

The organizers are members of the Tioga-Potter Young Ag Professionals along with nearly a dozen volunteers who came to direct traffic, take pictures and pack boxes.