Natural healing is coming to Elkland. The All Natural Wellness Center at 107 W. Main Street celebrated with a grand opening in July and welcomed the public to come meet the staff at an open house Sept. 4.

The center offers a relaxing environment and holistic medical treatments to help clients with daily living.

Owner Maria Phelps, a successful businesswoman since age 20 and proprietor of multiple businesses including Pizza Barn, developed a passion for holistic health using natural methods.

“I wanted something where people could come and would be able, holistically, to take care of whatever they need whether it was mind, body or soul. Along the way I became very passionate about not having modern medicine,” Phelps said.

Phelps’ passion grew from her own experience with natural remedies. She practices different forms of meditation as well as reiki, a stress reduction technique that emphasizes the importance of an unseen life force that runs through everyone.

“This is what I want to do. This is my passion, this is who I am, right here,” Phelps said.

The wellness center will offer a wide range of services to provide quality care to clients including massage therapy, chiropractic services, reflexology, reiki, Accunect and naturopathic consultation. Phelps and her staff will provide the valley with natural alternatives to modern medicine.

“This is what I want to teach people, if you pick up a bottle of Tide, that over 50% of the products used in there are known to cause cancer. Now, we wash our clothes in that and then we put them on the largest organ in our body and then we wonder why we are sick. I want to teach people about that, about our environment, the cleaners we use and things like that,” Phelps said.

For Brittany Seeley, a chiropractic specialist, the wellness center is a way to give back to the community. Seeley grew up in Elkland before attending doctorate school in South Carolina. While in South Carolina, Seeley got married and began practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu. Returning to Elkland, Seeley wants to use her kinesiology and chiropractic knowledge to help workers in Tioga County.

“Nobody is cookie cutter. I like to practice what is called ethical and evidence based. I won’t guarantee things if I don’t have the research behind it. I’m always going to value time and money. So, I tell people, you have known your body longer than I have, so I go a lot by what they are telling me,” Seeley said.

She added, “It’s not just an adjustment and out the door. It’s OK, this is a problem. We are going to adjust all aspects of the problem; we are going to adjust the soft tissue and the joint restriction. The whole point of addressing both of those is that it gets people healed up quicker.”

At Thursday’s open house there was a lot of excitement as clients talked with staff and scheduled appointments.

“Everybody should know this information. One of my favorite sayings is, ‘When you know better, you do better.’ If you don’t know any better, you won’t do any better. I want to teach people so that they do know better and will be better,” Phelps said.

For more information visit or stop by the office at 107 W. Main Street, Elkland, Wednesday through Saturday 10 a.m.–6 p.m.