Autumn Chen

Daughter of Mrs. Zha, Mr. Chen & host Judy Savoy, she plans to study psychology at college.

Nate DiCamillo

Son of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Stephanie DiCamillo, he plans to attend a university for a

degree in nursing and become a nurse practitioner.

John Griffin

Son of Mr. & Mrs. John & Amy Griffin, he plans to attend Corning Community College for business administration.

Mike Li

Son of Mr. Ke Li & Mrs. Jingying Ye & hosts Bill & Lisa McBratney, he plans to study chemistry in college.

Logan McElrath

Son of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas & Amy McElrath, he plans to attend Pennsylvania College of Technology for a degree in HVAC.

Brendan Nash

Son of Mr. Michael Nash & Mrs. Lisa Kennedy, his plans are undecided.

Victoria Scolari

Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Peter & Heidi Scolari, she plans to attend Mansfield University for nursing.

Nathan Shughart

Son of Mr. & Mrs. David & Carol Shughart, he plans to attend Triangle Tech to study RHVAC.

Jenna Stebbins

Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jason & Rebecca Chilson, she plans to become an aesthetician.

Snow Zi

Daughter of Mr. Zi & Mrs. Wang & host Judy Savoy, she plans to get a job she loves and enjoys to make the world a better place.