Congratulations to Leanne McIntyre and Amanda Hand who graduated from their nursing class and are now LPN’s. I know you have worked hard and we are all proud of you.

KaDee Jay says she enjoyed their trip to Tuscon where it was warm but it’s good to be home.

Carmen Toby received a nice note from former Pastor Keith and Kathy Diehl thanking our church loan ing some music (it is good to share) and wish everyone here greetings and good wishes.

The church is supporting Pastor Bill in his mission to the Ronald McDonald House. We are collecting tabs from the pop cans and also shiny paper (catalogs, magazines and flyers) . Bring them to the church on the second Sunday of the month and there will be a parking lot pickup. This is a very worthwhile mission to assist cancer patients and research. The first collection was held on this past Sunday and the Parking Lot Pickup worked well. The second Sunday of each month is also our Coffee Hour at the church following the service – so you can join us for the church service at 10 or for the coffee hour at 11 and drop off your shiny papers and tabs. Janet Martindale and Lenore Wimbrough hosted the coffee hour this month.

The lift has been installed at the church and we are now Handicapped accessible from the sanctuary to the fellowship rooms. This has been a long-time project and a lift was finally found to fit our needs. Come and check us out.

Mikaeleigh Baker, daughter of Marty and Bonnie Baker (Neice of Pastor Bill) is spending two years in Africa on a mission with the peace corps. The group is teaching methods of agriculture and also learning about the agriculture in Africa.

Sylvia Sumner, on behalf of the Seeds of Hope, thanked our church for our contributions to the organization. They are now in need of sheets, both twin and full sizes.

The Yungwirth family got together to celebrate Matt’s birthday this past week. Happy Birthday Matt.

Also celebrating birthdays this week were Butch Toby and Bethany Gile..

Good new – Beverly Watters was able to return to her home after being in the Green Home for therapy. I bet Marty was pretty happy to have you home.

More good news – Nickolas Frisbee, who is serving in the National Guards, has returned home from his tour in Germany. Welcome home Nick and thank you for your service.

Get well wishes and healing prayers to Rich McGee who is having surgery this week and to Mike Sutley who is having tests..

Continue healing prayers for all who are in hospitals, nursing homes and/or have a variety of the flu and cold. It seems the area has been hard hit his year. I am over the flu but still have that cough, which I understand is normal. Spring can’t come soon enough for me.