Dollar General coming to Knoxville

Work will begin soon to turn the old feed mill plot in Knoxville into a Dollar General.

KNOXVILLE — A quick stroll along Main Street here reveals a litany of shuttered businesses. From a welding supply store to Gold Mountain Ice Cream and Deli, the lack of businesses means residents need to travel to Westfield, Elkland or even further to groceries and household supplies.

That will all change in the coming months. By spring 2020, Knoxville will become the most recent recipient of a Dollar General store.

The retail giant will now have three stores along a 15-mile stretch of road from Elkland to Westfield, with fourth and fifth buildings nearby in Lawrenceville and Addison, N.Y.

Despite numerous stores in the valley already, a Dollar General coming to Knoxville is a breath of fresh air. The town doesn’t have any food stores for locals to get even the basic necessities, said residents.

“I think this is going to be a real good deal for the community. Our Deli unfortunately closed and we have nothing here for any food items,” said Tom Baker, who is involved in the goings on in the town.

Hunter Keller, a representative for Dollar General, reached out to Baker and inquired about the possibility of opening a store in Knoxville. To do so, Dollar General needed an acre to an acre and a half of land. It just so happened that the PJ Wood Family Farm, the old Purina feed mill, on the corner of Reservoir Road and Main Street was located on an acre and a half of land.

Baker contacted Dollar General and put them in touch with the owner of the feed mill and a deal was made. The two buildings on the property will be demolished to bring in the new store.

In addition to tearing down the old buildings, there are plans in place to alter Reservoir Road. After removing a barn on the Northern part of the property, the road will be moved slightly to create a wider turn and space for the new building.

Come spring, when the new store opens, not only will it benefit Knoxville but the surrounding towns as well.

“This will be outstanding for the community and it will also be good for the people of Troupsburg and Austinburg because the road goes right by there and they won’t have to go to Elkland or Westfield,” Baker said.