Ezeck Warren

Ezeck Warren was named the Student of the month at Williamson High School.

Ezeck Warren, a senior, is the son of Jabe and Michelle Warren, and resides in Millerton, Pennsylvania. He has made quite the impression on the faculty, in particular the business department who chose him as Student of the Month. Anyone who has met Ezeck, has probably left the encounter laughing or with at least a smile on their face.

He left many with tears from laughing so hard from this year’s talent show. One of the teachers who nominated him had the following to say, “Ezeck is an exceptionally creative student who is always thinking outside the box. He is always present and always provides his best work for any assignment he is given and always does so with his own creative twist. He loves entertaining and truly shines during presentations and other public speaking opportunities.”

Ezeck is a participating member of Student Council and National Honor Society, both clubs concentrating on community service opportunities. After graduation, Ezeck plans on attending Slippery Rock University and majoring in political science. Congratulations, Ezeck. The faculty and staff of Williamson High School are very proud of you.