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Daniel Foster, 34, of Coudersport, admitted to leaving drug paraphernalia at a Galeton residence in April 2019, court documents state. According to court documents, an unidentified accuser gave the paraphernalia to Galeton Borough Police who turned it over to PSP-Coudersport. The paraphernalia tested positive for methamphetamines, court documents indicate.

Documents state that Foster was charged with one misdemeanor count use/possession drug paraphernalia on Feb. 25 and is awaiting a preliminary hearing to be scheduled.

Garrett Weidner, 30, of Gaines, was observed, by police, exiting the driver side of a Ford F-150 on Jan. 23 that had been parked with its engine running, court documents indicate. According to court documents, police immediately detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emitting from Weidner when he spoke and observed Wiedner’s eyes were bloodshot at the time. Weidner reportedly submitted to Standard Field Sobriety Testing, which subsequently indicated signs of impairment and was taken to UPMC-Cole for chemical testing, court documents indicate. Documents state the blood test results showed Weidner’s Blood Alcohol Content was .145% at the time of the incident.

Weidner was charged on Feb. 25 with two counts Driving Under the Influence and three summary traffic offenses, court documents state. Documents indicate Weidner is awaiting a preliminary hearing to be scheduled.