Tommy Causer Jr., 48, of Elkland, broke through two locked doors and gained access to the interior of a Hector Township residence on Feb. 13, court documents state.

According to court documents, Causer had aggressively requested entry earlier in the evening and, when denied, gained entry into the residence, then demanded one of the occupants speak to him and forfeit the keys to a vehicle parked on the property, both to which the occupant refused. Documents state Causer then walked around the first floor of the residence before raising his voice and making aggressive statements. Documents indicate the occupants barricaded themselves in a bedroom while Causer was inside the residence.

According to court documents, when police arrived, Causer ran in a northern direction towards an open air shed and attempted to smash the front driver’s side window of a 1991 Ford Ranger, then fled the property in a western direction.

Police reported making contact with Causer near the open air shed and gave him numerous verbal orders to surrender, which Causer disregarded. When Causer reportedly reached towards his waistband, police fired a taser at him, striking Causer in the chest area, then took him into custody without further incident, court documents state. Causer was also found to be in possession of methamphetamine while being taken into custody.

Causer was charged with 13 counts in Magisterial District Judge Christopher Kalacinski’s court, including felony criminal counts attempted robbery, attempted burglary, trespass and theft, as well as misdemeanor counts resisting arrest and unlawful possession of a controlled substance court documents state. Documents indicate bail was set at $200,000, during a preliminary arraignment on Feb. 15 and Causer was committed to Potter County Correctional Facility, unable to post the bail set. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Feb. 28.

Kent Rissel, 32, of Coudersport, was observed by Galeton Borough Police as driving a vehicle with a “dead tag” on Dec. 31 in Galeton, court documents indicate.

According to court documents, Rissel was subjected to a traffic stop on West Street; when police called in the stop, the 911 Communications Center representative advised that the tag on the vehicle Rissel was driving had been stolen, court documents indicate. At that point, the Galeton police officer approached Rissel about the allegation and Rissel reportedly said the plates were on the vehicle when he purchased itand had no knowledge of the plates being stolen; Rissel provided a written statement to police documenting the same, court documents indicate.

According to court documents, police interviewed the registered owner of the vehicle on Jan. 3; the unidentified male advised police that Rissel had purchased the vehicle from him , but did not have valid identification at the time of the sale, so was unable to transfer the title into his name and that he removed the registration tag from the vehicle he had sold to Rissel.

Documents state that Rissel was charged before MDJ Kalacinski with two misdemeanors, including one count theft and one count receiving stolen property, as well as summary traffic offenses. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 26.

Kasey Pagano, 39, of Galeton, contacted an unidentified male, North Carolina resident via Etsy’s email service, on Oct. 28, offering to sell the accuser a headboard, dresser and a night stand for his online Etsy store, to which the accuser agreed to do for $1,000. The accuser told police he also gave Pagano $275 to rent a U-haul truck to use for delivery of the items to a friend in Pa and that the $1,275 was paid to Pagano via PayPal on Oct. 30.

The accuser further reported to police that Pagano continually made excuses between Oct. 30 and Feb. 9 as to why the products were not delivered and why she could not refund the money to the accuser. According to court documents, police received copies of the purchase transaction and copies of email and text conversations between Pagano and the accuser, corroborating the accuser’s allegations.

Pagano was charged on Feb. 10 before MDJ Kalacinski with one misdemeanor count theft and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on March 26, court documents state.

Ryan Dexter, 37, of Genesse, was observed on Jan. 17 as unable to walk or stand up from the floor inside of the Dollar General store in Ulysses, court documents state.

According to court documents, police were dispatched to the scene and observed Dexter having glassy and blood-shot eyes, behaving lethargically, exhibiting poor coordination, as well as relaxed inhibitions when contacted by police.Documents state that Dexter admitted to police he had taken prescribed Vicodin earlier in the morning and drove to the store. Dexter agreed to perform Standard Field Sobriety tests and reportedly failed five of the six given tests, court documents indicate. Dexter was also subjected to a blood draw; results on Feb. 5 confirmed Dexter had been under the influence of Diazepam and Fentanyl on the date of the incident, court documents state.

Dexter was charged on Feb. 10 before MDJ Kalacinski with three counts DUI and seven summary traffic offenses. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 26.