Shame on you

Shame on you. Your political cartoon in the Oct. 10 edition is in bad taste if not down-right offensive.

It encourages the vitriol and divisiveness that is so rampant today by implying Donald Trump would expect a quid pro quo from children in order to give out Halloween candy. Even more disturbing, it is right next to an article on the truth and impartiality of the press.

The press owes it to the people and our nation to wait until all the facts are in before jumping to shot-gun conclusions and blindly following others.

The lies have been flying from both the right and the left and it will take months to sort it all out and find the truth.

A cartoon like this just encourages (thankfully only) a few to jeer at and sometimes cause bodily harm to their political opponents, disrupt businesses and spit in others’ faces.

Even Ellen DeGeneres and George Bush can find common ground and treat each other with respect and kindness although their politics are polar opposites.

We should encourage civility and at least attempt to understand the other point of view. There are smart and concerned and patriotic people on both sides of the aisle who are sure their beliefs are right.

We must insist on having all the information to decide, without lies or bias.

Life is not just about politics. We don’t have to agree politically to be civil and friendly, share experiences and an occasional meal together.

Gail Morrow says “people are the same, people are different.” Thank God for that.

The press should be doing all it can to encourage cooperation and neutralize ill will, and above all, have the facts in place before jumping to conclusions. The cartoon isn’t even funny. Shame on you.

Kristine Reilly, Covington