The Westfield Borough Council reorganized Jan. 6 at 7 p.m.

Before the meeting was called to order, mayor Beth Rowland swore in the councilmen elected in November, Roxann Weidman, Joe Pond and Ed Rodarmel. Rowland presided over the election of officers: Gail Bollinger was elected president; Shaunta Vahey, vice president, and Ed Rodarmel, president pro tempore.

The rest of the meeting was conducted by the new president, Gail Bollinger. The council voted the following appointments: Vivian Altman was appointed chairman of the vacancy board; Roxann Weidman, representative to the library board; Cox, Stokes & Lantz, borough solicitors; James Davis, representative to the Upper Pine Creek Council of Governments; Gary Bisel, emergency management coordinator; Lori Nelson, secretary/treasurer; Theresa McCullen, assistant secretary; Gail Bollinger, representative to the ambulance association. Tax Collection Committee delegates were appointed by resolution: Lori Nelson, Theresa McCullen and, 2nd alternate, Shaunta Vahey.

Council meeting date was voted to be the second Tuesday at 7 p.m.; second meeting, the fourth Tuesday at 7 p.m.

The reorganization meeting adjourned at 7:20, then president Bollinger called the business meeting to order.

Former councilman Faun James did not seek re-election in November but received the most write-in votes. She declined the office and the council has to appoint someone within 30 days. The council voted to advertise for letters of interest from residents of the borough willing to serve as borough councilman until the Municipal Election in 2021.

Sewer system engineer Shawn Downey reported the bids for sewer-plant headworks equipment opened Jan. 3: Elcon Technologies of Pittsburgh bid $163,000; Lakeside Equipment Corp. of Bartlett, Ill., $180,969; and Envirodyne Systems, Inc., of Camp Hill, $231,600. On the recommendation of Downey, the council voted to give a “notice to award contract” to Elcor Technologies, the low bidder.

Long Communications offered $50 each, on a trade-in, for the three old radios the council recently voted to replace. The council voted to accept the offer.

It was reported that DCNR told the borough that it will not be allowed to drain the swamp that has developed behind North and Mill streets toward the hillside.