Elkland Borough Council hired a new secretary and accepted the resignation of councilman during the organizational meeting Jan. 6.

The former secretary/treasurer, Penny Jeffers, left her position late last year. Amy Tulanowski, current billing clerk, was named to fill the position. Tulanowski will also serve as Open Records Officer and will be bonded for $200,000.

Mike Hackett resigned his council seat. The resignation was accepted, however no further steps have been taken to fill the position.

Council discussed the training webinars that are available to the borough secretary/treasurer. It was agreed that council would discuss the available programs monthly and decide at that time if it was one Tulanowski was interested in taking. Many of the trainings are free.

Council president Wendy Graham will continue to serve in the position while councilman Tim Whitney will serve as vice president.

Council discussed an overdue water bill with business owner Jeff Thompson. Thompson has a receipt from the bank where the bills were paid through last year. The receipt indicated the bill was paid when due and there should be no late fee attached. The late fees were removed from Thomspon’s bill.

The borough office will now be collecting the payments at the borough office.

In a related matter, council agreed to refund the water and sewer deposit of $67.14 to a resident as he has moved from the borough.

Council will pay the $350 retainer fee to Loomis and Koernig for attorney services for the borough’s zoning hearing board.

Council sold the used salt/cinder spreader to Gerald Jeffers for $250.

The next meeting of the Elkland borough council is set for 6 p.m. Feb. 12.