Blossburg Borough

William B. Wilson Post #572; Dept. of PA; American Legion to Elenor Augustine Estate conveys lot for $12.

Elenor Augustine Estate by Executor to Bryan T. Augustine conveys lot for $100,000.

Charleston Township

OGM Deed — Joseph L. Mattis Jr. Estate by Admr. to Marie Wood-ring et al conveys mineral rights for $1.

Michael & Mary Geiger to Thomas G. & Wendy J. Smith conveys lot for $164,300.

Donald W. & Antionette Zimmerman to Jamie L. Haskins conveys lot for $173,000.

Clymer Township

Marcella M. Labosky to Joe N. Pierce conveys lot for $349,900.

Deerfield Township

John E. & Sandra Beard to Bradley J. LaBarron conveys lot for $150,000.

Elk Township

Catherine R. Merkle et al to Gail H. Burkholder et al conveys lot for $24,500.

Gaines Township

Primesite Inc. to Donald B. & Suzanne E. Scatena conveys lot for $65,000.

Mineral Deed — Primesite Inc. to Donald B. & Suzanne E. Scatena conveys mineral rights for $1.

G. Elizabeth Gestewitz Estate by Admr. to Brian Freysz conveys lot for $1.

Lawrenceville Borough

Donald B. & Sandra C. Brant to Steven M. Satterly conveys lot for $152,000.

Liberty Township

Mary L. & Harold D. Landis to Mary L. Landis conveys lot for $1.

Mary L. Landis to Evert H. Jr. & Judith L. Kepner conveys lot for $1.

Richmond Township

Dean A. & Amie Sue Pequignot to Heather M. Pequignot conveys lot for $1.

Rutland Township

Chris F. Pierson et al to Nathaniel R. Carter et al conveys lot for $1.

Sullivan Township

Deborah A. Knecht Income Only Primary Residence Trust by Trustees to Krystal & Kyle R. Knecht conveys lot for $1.

Kimberly M. Cunningham & David E. Cunningham to Douglas C. Fuller conveys lot for $30,000.

J. Wayne Rusk III by Agent to Christopher E. & Jeanne E. Gaugler conveys lot for $246,000.

Wellsboro Borough

Nell E. Jones to John Wheeler conveys lot for $70,000.