gavel and sounding block on desk

The following individuals are scheduled to appear or have appeared in front of District Judge James Edgcomb.

Devin Catherman, 27, of Wellsboro was charged by state police with DUI, high rate of alcohol .08-.10; disregard for traffic lanes; and careless driving. Catherman allegedly crossed the center line three times within one mile on Route 15 in Tioga Township July 20. Preliminary alcohol tests read .087.

Kevin Lee Shelman, 53, of Tioga was charged by state police with DUI, high rate of alcohol .08-.10; violation of tinted window regulations; careless driving; and no turn signal. Preliminary alcohol tests read .099. Shelman was stopped on Mann Hill July 10.

Jeremiah Compton Gee, 42, of Tioga was charged by state police with DUI, careless driving; disregard for traffic lanes; and no rear lights. Gee was stopped after he was observed crossing the fog lines three times July 20 in Tioga Township on State Route 287. Preliminary alcohol tests read .156 percent.

Scott Banfield, 56, of Tioga, was charged by the Fish and Boat Commission with serious unlawful taking three or more times daily, false identification, 32 violation of permits for protection of fish and 29 violation of rules regarding size in connection with the taking of rattlesnakes. Police filed the charges after an investigation into a reported snake bite. Banfield was found to be in possession of 12 snakes under the 42-inch requirement; mounted, untagged snakes and failure to report harvested snakes from 2017 and 2018. He also allegedly possessed six to 12 neonate (baby) timber rattlesnakes.

Joanne Marie Sharman, 53, of Lawrenceville, was charged by the Pennsylvania Dog Warden for failure to confine her golden retriever on at least four occasions.

Henry Richard Clark III, 40 of Painted Post, N.Y. was charged by Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission with operating a watercraft while incapable of safe operation on water, operating at a high rate of alcohol, operating with any amount of schedule I, II, III, or metabolite and violation of rules of required equipment. Clark allegedly operated the craft without lights at a time when they were required. Preliminary alcohol tests read .262 percent.

Brian William Farnsworth, 37, of Osceola was charged by Pennsylvania State Police with burglary, overnight accommodation, criminal trespass, theft by unlawful taking and criminal mischief. Farnsworth allegedly entered the victim’s property Dec. 26, 2017 and removed jewelry and coins. DNA connected Farnsworth to the burglary.

Todd Elvis Putnam, 56, of Sabinsville was charged by Westfield Borough Police with false identification to law enforcement officers when the deputy attempted to serve a warrant. Putnam was remanded to the Tioga County Prison in lieu of $5,000 bail.