Lawrence Township may have received outside trash at its most recent clean-up day.

At the July 1 meeting, supervisors learned that trash from outside of the area may have been brought to the township building. To prevent that, people who bring trash to the next clean-up day will be asked to provide proof of residency.

Tipping fees for the outside trash results in an additional expense for township residents, said supervisors. The next clean-up day is set for Sept. 28.

Supervisors announced that the township received an increase in Act 13 Impact Fees. This year, the township will receive $98,226.08 for fees collected in 2018, up from $11,000 from 2017. Supervisor Mike Fritz said, “That sure has helped us a lot.”

Supervisors approved a subdivision as requested by Matt and Cheryl Sottolano.

Lawrence Township supervisors will meet at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 5.