Elkland borough council decided against opening the community’s pool this season at the May 13 virtual meeting.

Instead of hiring lifeguards, council will focus on repairs needed there. The guidelines to reopen the pool during the pandemic would limit pool usage to 25 swimmers. The council agreed that the restrictions would be unfair if a season pass is purchased and is unusable. The plans are for the pool to open in June 2021.

Landowners will receive a tax break, being able to pay the face value of real estate taxes through Dec. 31. No penalty will be added untiil after that date; usually the penalty phase goes into effect July 1.

The sewer treatment facility will get a new roof with the contract awarded to the low bidder, Miller Construction, for $12,200. A second bid was received from Cowanesque Builders for $12,995.

Council discussed Well 17 and whether to put it into service. According to councilman Aaron Smith, the well is producing about half of the water that Well 24 does. Well 17 can only provide water used by the town; it cannot go into the reservoir.

Levels of chlorine fluctuate when switching from one well to the other. Council is considering purchasing a valve to automatically adjust chlorine levels when switching so it will not have to be adjusted manually as it is now. Recently, an adjustment was missed and some residents detected the odor of chlorine.

According to Smith parts to repair a failed frost free valve have been ordered. Smith said testing must be completed before the repairs are made.

The council discussed the contract with Northern Tier Solid Waste Authority concerning recycling. Due to the pandemic, NTSWA is not picking up the recyclables at residents’ homes but instead provided dumpsters at the sewer treatment facility for residents to use. Hours are 10 a.m. to noon and 1-2 p.m. Monday and Wednesday.

Council approved an agreement with Envirep T.L.C. Environmental of Camp Hill for maintenance on pumps stations in the borough. The agreement will cost $2,485.

Council will handle payroll in house rather than contracting with Keystone Collections Services at a savings of $3,000 annually.

Council agreed to pay the $100 annual membership fee to join the Potter-Tioga Visitors Bureau.

Council discussed a request to connect to the borough’s sewer system from a proposed new business, a milk bottling plant, in Osceola. The matter will be sent to committee for further review.

Residents will be notified of a violation of the drinking water standards. Councilman Smith said it is not an emergency. A sample was missed in March, therefore the quality can’t be confirmed safe.

A new website, www.elklandborough.com, is operating and has the agenda, meeting minutes, applications, permits and bill paying available at the site.

The next meeting of the borough is set for 6:30 p.m. June 10.