LAWRENCEVILLE — The Lawrenceville Borough Council accepted the resignation from one employee and agreed to advertise another position during the Feb. 3 meeting.

Jim Frew resigned on Jan. 31 to take other employment, according to council members, Frew will not be replaced. The position to be advertised will be a part-time, as needed, general laborer.

Council reported the finding of a leak in the water system at State and Main Streets. Work to repair was started Feb. 4. The roadway in the area will have to be cut. It is estimated that 10,000 to 20,000 gallons of water are lost daily.

Repairs may lead to a boil water order, however, council said it is probably only affecting five homes. The leak was found in late January. Assistance from Rural Water helped locate the leak which was not visible on the surface.

When asked if there was an ongoing investigation into the disappearance of the sludge press, no answer was given. Also unanswered was a question as to whether the insurance company had been contacted. The council did, however, clarify that the Lawrenceville Borough Municipal Authority had repaired the hydraulic pump on the unit prior to the authority being taken over by the borough council. The press was a gift from Toshiba many years ago. It is unclear if the unit was being used as part of the treatment at the borough’s sewer facility. One employee, Scott Gleason, said the unit was sent for scrap by the former superintendent Paul King.

In January the borough received a letter from the department of Environmental Protection indicating the need for a permit to remove part of the sewer treatment. The DEP encouraged the borough to request permits as required in the future when changing the system.

Sewer operator Scott Gleason told council that the daily flows at the facility are down to 90,000 daily from the 300,000-daily average of 2019. Gleason also reported that the drying beds are being used to assist with the control of the sludge reducing the need for hauling of sludge by an outside waste management firm.

The council also took official action to reduce the tax rate for all real property. The tax rate for 2020 will be 6.16 mills and .75 mills for fire protection. The rate will be applied to each dollar of assessed evaluation. The general budget for 2020 was also adopted and is available for review at the borough office.

After discussing the benefits of being a member of the Tioga County Development Corporation, the council agreed to pay the $100 annual dues.

The council discussed a proposal for control of vegetation, however tabled action on the agreement. It was not clear where the proposed treatment areas were located.

Council approved the request for a planning waiver and non-building declaration regarding a recent subdivision approved by council in January.

Council named Brad Hackett as emergency management coordinator for the community.

Council designated April as Pennsylvania 811 Safe Digging month.

Lawrenceville Borough Council will meet at 7 p.m. on March 2.