Nelson Township supervisors met June 10 and agreed to return $25,100 of Dirt and Gravel Road funds.

The funds are being returned as the supervisors are unable to meet the deadline of June 30 to complete the project. The funds were slated for repairs to the Baxter Lake Road. Weather played a role in the failure to complete the projec.

Township supervisors approved the contract with Joe Phelps Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning as well as electrical work and installation of ceiling in the basement of the community building. The basement of the community building will be used as an emergency shelter.

Plans are underway to finalize details for the ground work needed to install playground equipment. The equipment will be installed this summer after the ground work is complete.

The supervisors appointed Vicky Wiles to a five-year position on the Nelson Township Authority.

In other business, the supervisors discussed roadwork. Other road work includes plans to complete work on Barney Hill Road, move to Browntown Road and then onto Marsh Road.

Nelson Township Supervisors will meet at 6 p.m. July 8.