Real Estate Transfers

The information contained in this bulletin is taken from public records. While every precaution is observed, no responsibility is assumed for errors or omissions. The original public records are open to inspection and should be consulted before taking any action based on the information contained herein. (Nov. 11-15, holiday Nov. 11)

Blossburg Borough

Ivan T. & Mary Beth Campbell to Teresa Lynn Vangorden conveys lot, $129,900.

Deed in lieu of Foreclosure — Thelma V. Wickman to First Citizens Community Bank conveys lot, $1.

Brookfield Township

Jessica Bathgate by Sheriff to Fed. National Mtg. Assoc.; Fannie Mae conveys lot, $1,448.14.

Charleston Township

Matthew K. & Amber L. Hildebrand to Chad S. Daugherty conveys lot, $196,500.

Tracy K. Lechler n/k/a Tracy K. Merrick to Richard C. Lechler conveys lot, $1.

Gregory A. & Marlene F. Davis et al to Matthew K. & Amber L. Hildebrand conveys lot, $195,000.

Chatham Township

Donald L. & Mary M. Wright to Jay C. & Diane M. Cercone conveys lot, $200,000.

Deed & Conveyance — Jay C. & Diane M. Cercone by Agent to Jay C. & Diane M. Cercone conveys lot & mineral rights, $1.

Jay C. & Diane M. Cercone by Agent to Eberhard & Gertruce Jarkowsky conveys lot, $195,000.

Delmar Township

Joan B. Furrow n/k/a Joan B. Rice & Robert L. Rice Jr. to Jeffrey L. & Cheryl A. Furrow conveys lot, $140,500.

Elkland Borough

Farnung Elkland, LLC by Sheriff (Jan J. & Lynne M. Farnung) by Sheriff & Beikirch’s Hunter Supply, LLC by Sheriff to Citizens & Northern Bank conveys lot, $1,205.35.

Gaines Township

Robert & Mary Erdie to Kevin N. & Wanda L. Bollinger conveys lot, $74,500.

Barry Lee & Mary Ann Jacobs to James Wilkemeyer conveys lot, $105,900.

Estate of Frederick Quick by Executor to Connie M. Quick conveys lot, $1.

Hamilton Township

OGM Deed — LPR Energy Mineral Deed to Merrion Oil & Gas conveys mineral rights, $10.

Knoxville Borough

Shawn & Peggi Moore to Christina J. LaBarron & Bradley J. LaBarron conveys lot, $112,000.

Lawrence Township

Rose L. Crane to Zoe L. Skelly conveys lot, $102,500.

Mansfield Borough

Carole L. Scureman to Carol E. Landon conveys lot, $210,000.

Middlebury Township

Paul C. Hafer Estate by Executor to Charlene & Richard Frank Macko conveys lot, $1.

Robert & Nicole Lee to Travis Youse conveys lot, $270,000.

Morris Township

James H. Mease Estate by Executrix to Kathi L. Crooks conveys lot, $1.

Kathi L. Crooks to Melvin Martin conveys lot, $125,000.

Osceola Township

Dora S. Church a/k/a/ Dora Adeline Seely Estate by Executor to Bonnitta S. Reinhardt conveys lot, $1.

Richmond Township

Jenni E. & Bradley M. Palmatier to Kayla R. Ward & Jed M. Wright conveys lot, $172,500.

Rutland Township

Rexford H. Oldroyd Primary Residence Protector Trust by Trustees to Leserik B. & Pamela L. Achey Real Estate Protector Trust conveys lot, $1.

Hydrocarbon Deed — Rexford H. Oldroyd Gas Lease Income Only Protector Trust by Trustees: Rexford H. Oldroyd Living Trust by Trustees to Leserik B. & Pamela L. Achey Real Estate Protector Trust by Trustees conveys mineral rights, $1.

Chauncey Family Trust by Trustee to Chauncey Family Trust conveys lot, $1.

Sullivan Township

William H. Balderston Estate by Executor to Harol W. Euker Jr. conveys lot, $1.

Tioga Township

Donald H. & Sharon Lee Culp to Alex R. Verdugo conveys lot, $14,000.

Union Township

Wayne & Theresa D’Angelo to Daniel & Linda M. Judge conveys lot, $285,000.

Ward Township

Irvin V. Blankenhorn III & Ivin V. Blankenhorn Jr. by Sheriff to First Citizens Bank conveys lot, $1,162.89.

Wellsboro Borough

Peggy D. Wynn Estate by Executrix to Jamie L. Madlock conveys lot, $159,000.

Westfield Borough

Maurice K. & Rosemarie Swede to Angelwatch, LLC conveys lot, $100,000.