Bloss Township

Floyd J. Harzinski Estate conveys lot by executrix to Ryan J. and Kimerly A. Warren for $200,000.

Charleston Township

Elaine A. Farrell conveys lot to Lorraine S. Cummings for $145,000.

Clymer Township

Barry G. and Mary H. Stebbins conveys lot to Terry L. Patterson for $25,000.

Covington Township

Kyle Weiskopff conveys lot to Repsol Oil and Gas USA, LLC for $175,000.

Delmar Township

Jeffrey R. Boyd Sr. conveys lot to Joerd F. and Kim B. W. Kaufman for $500,000.

Elkland Borough

Ivan P. Jr. and Valerie A. Morley convey lots to Valerie A. Morely and Ivan P. Morely Jr. for $1.

Lawrenceville Borough

Karl May conveys lot to Alivia R. Cole and Caleb F. Drumm for $244,888.

Mansfield Borough

Aaron I. and Nichole L. Stephens conveys lot to Rebekah L. Phelps for $112,000.

Middlebury Township

Christopher D. and Angelie G. Strausser conveys lot to Cody K. and Jessica L. Owlett for $28,000.

Putnam Township

Amanda K. and Cody Sims et al conveys lot to Pamela J.W. Moyer for $1.

Sullivan Township

Hayden J. Morgan White and Ashley Dawn White conveys lot to Ty M. and Janaye B. Rockwell for $120,000.

Lucile T. Packer conveys lot to Thomas Kriechbaum for $94,000.

Tioga Borough

Derick M. D’Haene and Allison M. D’Haene convey lot to Ashley M. Schmitz for $99,250.

Tioga Township

N.E. Hub Partners, LP, conveys lot to Jeffrey E. Shuster and Katlyn Dougherty for $150,000

Wellsboro Borough

Paul L. Mantz and Joan M. Trabulsi conveys lot to James M. Stewart for $1.

Westfield Borough

Thomas G. White II conveys lot to Branden J. and Alicia A> Moore for $142,500.