Registration is open for the 2018 Recycle-Bowl. Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful is encouraging educators in Pennsylvania to get students involved in Keep America Beautiful’s Recycle-Bowl competition.

Recycle-Bowl is a program designed to revitalize student participation in recycling through a national K-12 recycling competition.

The objectives of the competition include: new recycling programs established within schools, the increase of recycling rates in schools that currently recycle and the provision of teacher/student educational opportunities about recycling and waste reduction.

Recycle-Bowl competition begins Monday, Oct. 15, and runs through America Recycles Day, Thursday, Nov. 15.

“The Recycle Bowl provides motivation to get kids excited about recycling at school, at home and within the community. It culminates on America Recycles Day, so it’s a perfect opportunity to introduce or expand recycling programs within our schools and encourages students to take responsibility to protect our natural resources by making recycling part of their way of life,” said Shannon Reiter, president of Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.

In 2017, Albert M. Greenfield School in Philadelphia was named State School Division Champion of the Recycle-Bowl. Students and faculty of Albert M. Greenfield School collected 11,536 pounds of recyclables generated from within the school, during the competition.

More than 1,000 elementary, middle and high schools in 42 states around the country participated in this fun and exciting race to collect the most recyclable material and learn about waste reduction and environmental responsibility through in-school recycling.

An impressive 2 million pounds of material were collected for recycling by the more than 550,000 participating students, teachers and administrators.