Police tape

TIOGA — A threat is currently under investigation at Williamson High School.

Northern Tioga School District officials notified parents on March 7 of a threat at Williamson High School at 33 Junction Cross Road in Tioga.

A press release sent out to parents stated:

“A threat was received March 7, 2018, at the Williamson High School and was investigated by school officials and the police. The building was searched by the police and school administration and no viable threat was determined. Throughout the process, school administration followed the school district’s emergency protocols. School officials will continue to investigate this situation.”

Because the investigation is still ongoing, Dr. Diana Barnes was only able to say that administration is doing what it can to work with police to figure out the threat.

“The district has spent a great amount of time over the last 10 years or so training and developing protocols for school safety with the help and under the direction of Scott Henry (former Pennsylvania State Police, former county detective and current head of the Police Academy at Mansfield University),” said Dr. Barnes.

“The safety of our children is ever present in every decision that is made. Over the years, we have had many trainings involving state police, the district attorney, local police, the county sheriff’s office, probation, 911, local fire and EMS departments. We are very fortunate to have very dedicated individuals who are willing to help us develop good safety plans.”

She went on to explain the annual routine each Northern Tioga School District school follows to prepare for an emergency.

“The principals of each of our schools hold safety meetings twice a year, one in the fall and one in the spring. All entities mentioned attend those meetings each year to assess our plans and update as needed. The district is most grateful and blessed to have the support Mr. Henry and those entities. They all are a very viable and valuable resource for the district, “ said Dr. Barnes.

Lawrence Township Police are investigating the incident. If anyone has information on the incident, call the police at 570-827-0212.