Vote for person, not just party

I always tried to vote for the person who I felt best represented what our country needed. Whether George H. Bush or Jimmy Carter, it was their attitude and goals, not just their party. I guess that has changed.

Now the goal is to make the opponent unelectable. I see it now in my mailbox weekly with slick flyers lambasting Joe Biden, someone who until recently was praised for his service to this country by members of both parties. Those who criticize fake news have no problems creating their own false narrative.

One flyer stated that Biden was against fracking. Well, like many knowledgeable of the industry, he looks at natural gas as a transition fuel carrying us to a more sustainable future. I am sure he supports the regulation of drilling, minimizing flaring, release of methane and protecting water supplies. But the fact is the greatest period of natural gas development in this region occurred during the Obama Biden administration 2009-2012.

Another claim is that Biden is soft on China. It was during the Obama Biden administration that they attempted to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement with several Asian countries intended to bypass China by opening alternative trade routes. It was the Trump administration that shut it down, replacing with a “great” trade deal that, like the Iran deal, we are still waiting to see materialize.

Another claim is that Biden has been the cause of factory closures. A person who throughout his career has been aligned with the working man. We are the ones who buy foreign cars, demand that companies always find the cheapest option, and decry the value of unions.

The fact is that, in Tioga County, the loss of three major industries costing hundreds of jobs has occurred during the current administration. Support worker representation on boards of directors if you want change.

Finally, they suggest that electing Biden will result in the loss of some 600,000 energy-related jobs in Pennsylvania. Statistics show in 2017 there were only about 52,000 energy-related jobs in the state and the numbers have been dropping since.

I support a president who unites people. One who surrounds himself with smart diverse people who put their loyalty to the country ahead of their loyalty to a single person or party. The first great Republican, Abraham Lincoln did that. His team of rivals had no love for him personally, but grew to respect his leadership, and mourned his passing.

Kevin Connelly


Who was that militia group?

I would like to thank the Wellsboro community for attending a peaceful vigil Saturday evening, June 13 on the Green in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. It was my daughter’s idea and I am very proud of her for suggesting it.

With the help of Tioga County Indivisible, we organized the vigil in one week. We notified the Wellsboro Police Department and invited them to join us. This was a local event. Our community came together in support of BLM.

We have gathered before in Wellsboro: we mourned the loss of Heather Heyer who was murdered at a rally in Charlottesville, to decry the incarceration of children cruelly held in detention centers, to express our dismay at the U.S. Senate for not acknowledging the impeachment of Donald Trump and in support of Fair Districts of PA.

We have never had a problem expressing our concerns in Wellsboro. Until this time.

Apparently, a local armed militia felt the need to guard our own courthouse against us. They did not notify the police. It was rude and unnecessary. I, for one, would like to know who these guys are. We are not “Antifa” and did not appreciate the presence of an uninvited “militia.” We are part of the Wellsboro community.

Yolie Canales