Nobody told me there’d be days like these”

You know that John Lennon song, right? “Strange days indeed,” he sang to us. He was right then and he’d be right now.

So, here we are, a country — goodness, a world — of semi-quarantined people, twiddling our thumbs and wondering how we’re going to amuse ourselves for the next however many weeks or months we’re in this situation. Here are a few recommendations.

Get your spring cleaning done. Granted, you might not be able to clean with actual cleaning products, as some people have felt it necessary to purchase more than their fair share of that sort of thing. But you can scrounge around under your kitchen sink (consider that part of your spring cleaning) and perhaps find something useful.

If scrubbing isn’t your thing, head out to the garage, or up to the attic, or down into the cellar, and start making piles — keep, thrift store, chuck. You may come across that certain thing you knew you had but had maybe misplaced, like, 10 years ago, and won’t you then be pleasantly surprised?

Read. Given the times, “The Stand” or “The Andromeda Strain” might not be the best choices, but to each his own. The “Funny Times” is helpful (it would be a great time to subscribe if you don’t already).

I’d recommend an author I’ve mentioned to you before, Alexander McCall Smith. My friend Kathy just loaned me a dozen or so of his books, and also ordered all his titles that she didn’t already have, so that we’d be well-supplied with reading material (not that either of us are lacking books, but …). Kasey, at From My Shelf Books, said she’d set them outside the door for pick-up when they arrived. See below about looking out for others.

For a topical read, visit and read the March 15 article by Anne Applebaum titled “The Coronavirus Called America’s Bluff.”

Binge watch whatever makes you happy. Honestly, since about, oh, November 2016, I’ve been fairly dependent on a handful of shows and movies to keep me from going off the deep end. I turn to “Harry Potter” and “The Lord of the Rings” because, in them, good triumphs over evil, and that gives me a modicum of hope. I like “Columbo” because the lieutenant always, always, figures out who did the deed.

That being said, I’m currently in the middle of Oliver Stone’s “Untold History of the United States.” Check it out.

Look out for others. My township supervisors are volunteering to pick up groceries or medications for residents who can’t or shouldn’t get out and about. What a great thing, right? Do what you can to help your neighbors, and remember to buy local as much as you can. That’s always important.

Pay attention to what’s going on and why. Pay attention to what is being said and how people are saying it, and, yes, I’m talking specifically about what’s coming out of the White House. It’s not the time to put critical thinking skills into quarantine.

Yes we’re in the midst of a pandemic, yes these are scary times, but be cognizant of the politics involved, because politics most certainly are involved. All you need to do is listen to the daily coronavirus briefing — it is not without a political bent.

That’s why we need to look out for each other, close to home, because, honestly, there are those elected officials who do not care all that much about you and me, and we’re foolish to believe they do.

And BTW, this disease has a name and it’s not the “Chinese virus.”

In the words of John Lennon, “Most peculiar, mama.”

Gayle Morrow wears several different hats, depending on the day and the need, but mostly she just thinks too much. She has been sharing her opinions in this space off and on since 1988.