At the Jan. 6, Tioga Borough Council reorganizational meeting, Doreen Burnside was reelected president for 2020. Bill Preston and Steve Hazlett were elected vice president and president pro tempore.

The borough building was filled with members of the public for the first meeting of the year. During the public comment, several residents voiced complaints regarding the movement of no parking signs throughout Tioga Borough. Signs were moved to meet borough right of way requirements.

Though council is not required to contact a property owner when an ordinance is adopted concerning public safety, Burnside said could the council could begin notifying the public as a common courtesy.

Another complaint was also raised about a noise ordinance violation. The speaker said that a resident is using a generator throughout the night.

Also during public discussion, an update was given for a house on Center Street. When the previous residents moved from the property, they left a motorcycle, bikes and other rubbish behind. The current owners intend to clean up the property and contacted a carpenter to repair the building.

Council agreed to readdress the property after six months to give the owners time to clean and fix the property.

A final public concern was voiced about the lack of a safe stop in Tioga besides the Pump ‘n Pantry. It was noted that there are cameras on the borough building and the bank that could view to the Pump and Pantry property.

Following an executive session for personnel, the second half of the meeting began with a brief discussion about the delay of the kayak launch until spring because the gravel bar is still awaiting completion.

Mayor Mark Rice announced the need to advertise for a part-time police position. The council voted to advertise for a part-time/full-time position.

The police report showed that overall police activity was down for December.

The council also discussed and voted in favor of getting an Internet connection for the computer in the sewer plant. Previously the sewer report wasn’t submitted online, but now it is.

Following the sewer plant discussion, the council discussed renovations to the wading pool. Rice said that there were a lot of complaints about the pool last summer. A grant request was sent out to help with the pool.

There was a short discussion of an employee appreciation dinner.

The next meeting will be Feb. 3.