R.B. Walter student council boxes dinners

The R.B. Walter Elementary student council with representatives from local businesses boxed 50 Thanksgiving dinners that will be distributed throughout the local community.

Students and staff at R.B. Walter Elementary School have been collecting canned and boxed goods to provide Thanksgiving dinners for families in need throughout the community. With donations from local businesses including Renegade, Shell and Diamond T, the R.B. Walter Elementary student council was able to box items for 50 meals that will be distributed locally.

Student council members stayed after school Thursday, Nov. 21 to box the meals. All the essential Thanksgiving meal items except pie and turkey were organized neatly in boxes by the student council members. The turkey and pies were being stored at Keck’s Food Service in Millerton until Friday.

“We try to help out as much as we can. It’s a great opportunity to meet the kids in the school taking the initiative to start doing these community events at their young age and hopefully they will carry that until they are adults,” Wayne Fletcher from Shell said.

In the spirit of the holiday, the donations provided an opportunity for the students to give back to their local community. Working to support the local community is a life skill that will benefit the R.B. Walter students as they mature. Fletcher spoke of the emphasis his organization makes to give back to the area.

“I would say at least once a month we are donating to something, whether it’s the Boy Scouts or the fish and game commissions. It’s a team effort. Shell is just glad that we are here in the area to help the community any time we can,” Fletcher said.