Blossburg Borough

Tim M. and Cathy A. Drieblebies conveys lot to Mirian P. Kreider for $69,900.

Suzanne Hulseberg conveys lot to Todd S. Barashus; Christa L. Bartashus and Todd S. Bartashus Jr. for $59,000.

Charleston Township

Todd J. and Melissa A. Coolidge conveys lot to Chrisitina R. and Jeremy N. Vandergrift for $260,000.

Clymer Township

Margaret S. Joy conveys lot to Cody A. Joy for $1.

Covington Township

Laverna Thompson conveys lot to Merle G. Thompson Jr. for $1.

Nancy L. Spencer Estate by executrix conveys lot to Katelynn Kreamer and Joshua Doliver for $109,900.

Deerfield Township

Lynn J. Stebbins conveys lot to L. James Stevvins for $1.

Delmar Township

Barbara J. Pierce conveys lot to Gale P. and Kathleen A. Largey for $182,500.

Elkland Borough

Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mansfield, conveys mineral rights to Valley Farms Corp. for $0.

Lewis H. and Nancy L. Heck conveys lot to Rachel Dunningfor $105,000.

Farmington Township

Timm Maurer Trust conveys lot by trustee conveys lot to Jacklyn and Brett Neally for $37,900.

Gaines Township

Clark A. Nelson and Gwyneth M. Nelson Dwyer conveys mineral rights to Clark A. Nelson Revocable Trust Agreement and Gwyneth M. Dwyer Revocable Trust for $1.

Hamilton Township

Mary E. Johnson conveys lot to Ashlee M. Faulkner for $1.

Jackson Township

Judith Croft conveys lot to William J. and Ruth Ann Powell for $44,825.

Knoxville Borough

Jeanette B. Doan Estate coveys lot by executor to L. James Stebbins for $1.

Lawrenceville Borough

Lucas D. Crans conveys lot to Lyman Clayton Babbitt IV for $135,000.

Richmond Township

Mary A. Strange Dewalt and Raymond Dewalt conveys lot to Mary A. and Raymond Dewalt for $0.

Doris E.D.P. Clark conveys lot to Samuel O. and Joanne D. Clark for $85,000.

Shippen Township

Larry J. and Phyllis M. Fromm conveys lot to Scott A. and Debra Wolfe conveys lot for $34,500.

Samuel E. Poorman estate conveys lot by executrix to Brian S. Down for $70,000.

William E. and Rnee Shantz conveys lot to Donnita and Eugene Fuhrer for $138,000.

Tioga Borough

Joshua Kendrick conveys lot to Bradley D. Merryfield for $127,000.

Tioga Township

Rodger and Joyce Umstead conveys lot to Jeffrey A. and Judith A. Moler for $195,000.

Union Township

Kim M. Kendall and Alan L. Kendall conveys lot to Michael J. and Kathryn I. Machmer for $1.

Ward Township

Jeffrey C. Lloyd et al conveys lot to Jeffrey C. Lloyd for $1.

Michael A. and Penny A. Faust conveys lot to Raymond George Mark and Karen Fay Mark Revocable Trust for $80,000.

Wellsboro Borough

Frances E. Watkins Estate conveys lot by administrator to Holly Ann Young for $90,000.

Westfield Borough

Joyce A. Quackenbush Estate conveys lot by executrix to Corrie L. Rupar for $65,000.

Westfield Township

Michele R. Hager conveys lot to Kadie Beebe for $80,000.