July 29-Aug. 2, 2019

Charleston Township

Paul E. and Lori K. Sunday conveys lot to Edward P. and Melanie R. Berge for $180,000.

Elsie M. Bradley et al conveys lot to Barbara A. Infante conveys lot for $1.

James L. and Lorie Kilduff conveys lot to Zachary A. and Heather A. Linden for $185,000.

Delmar Township

Freedom Mtg. Corp. conveys lot to Secy of Veterans Affairs for $1.

Elk Township

Patrick J. Wildeman conveys lot to Patrick J. Wildeman Tannery Trust for $1.

Elkland Borough

Jean E. Cook Orchowski and Joseph C. Orchowski Jr. conveys lot to Jean E. and Joseph C. Orchowski Jr. for $1.

Marian E. Potter Estate conveys lot by executor to Mary Potter for $1.

Marion E. Potter Estate conveys lot by executor to Valerie A. Morley for $1.

Genon Rema, LLC conveys lot to Blossburg Power, LLC for $40,770.

Christopher J. and Lisa L. Bull conveys lot to Maria Phelps for $125,000.

Farmington Township

Ann M. Squires conveys lot to Raymond Sr. and Nettie Bost for $1,700.

Gaines Township

Jo Anne G. Dingman conveys lot to Karen Dingman and Rae Ann Dingman for $1.

Jo Anne G. Dingman conveys lot to Rae Ann Dingman for $1.

Jackson Township

RWK, LLC, conveys lot to Keck’s Food Service, Inc. for $1.

Diane E. and Stanley W. Marsh conveys lot to Kevin R. Snyder for $42,030.

Knoxville Borough

Bradley J. and Christina LaBarron conveys lot to Carrie A. Long for $34,000.

Lawrence Township

Kerby L. and Kathleen M. Young conveys lot to Craig Robert Kong for $169,000

Liberty Township

Rudy and Christine Koestel conveys lot to Drew E. and Lisa Ann Remley for $299,000.

Richmond Township

Kenneth A. Jr. and Rebecca M. Reigle conveys lot to Kenneth Scott Reigle Jr. and Kody Aaron Reigle for $1.

Douglas C. Fuller conveys lot to John J. Jr. and Kathleen C. Pazzaglia for $260,000.

Jeremiah E. and Jessica L. Trump conveys lot to Bret M. Wetherbee and Tiffany M. Thompson for $110,000.

Sullivan Township

William E. Cox conveys lot to William E. and Patti Jean Cox for $1.

Union Township

Mary Ellen and Ray F. Gordner conveys lot to Chad B. Gordner for $1.

Orwell L and Diana M. Porter conveys lot to Keith O. and Susan M. Porter for $15,000.

Ward Township

Douglas M. Rehrig and Christopher S. Hower conveys lot to Joseph and Alison G. Mawson for $50,000.

Wellsboro Borough

Tracy and Wanda Rice conveys lot to Scott S. and Julie V. Erway for $38,000.