Sixth graders graduated from Clark Wood on May 31.

Clark Wood Elementary sixth graders graduated from elementary school on May 31 in the auditorium at the school. They were also awarded with different awards, as shown below.

Senator Joseph B. Scarnati, III Award

Criteria: Students exemplify the qualities of good citizenship through their display of outstanding character, leadership and scholarship. They demonstrate the willingness to accept responsibility and challenges put forth by the administration and faculty of our school. They are: Torrina Stratton, Sean Morehouse.

James E. Gardner Memorial Award

Criteria: Student is hardworking, must be industrious, maintain 85% average in grades 4-6, good citizen, personable and friendly and extracurricular involvement. $50 check and certificate. She is: Leah Earle

VFW Patriot Pen Award

Audriana Davis, Jack Nolan, Torrina Stratton.

Student Council Award

Rylee Bir, Ella Churchill, Jade Colwell, Darby Crance, Cooper Dacheux, Leah Earle, Danika Gardner, Stacy Logan, Lena Madison, Sean Morehouse, Danielle Neal, Jack Nolan, Xander Nunn, Jessica Slocum, Chandler Southard, Tori Stratton, Lily Vargeson.

Battle of the Books Award

Rylee Bir, Darby Crance, Danika Gardner, Jessica Slocum, Chandler Southard.

Outstanding Artist Award

Rylee Bir, Daniel Wilson.

Art Helper Award

Keith Burrell, Lukas Bellows, Rylee Bir, Ella Churchill, Jade Colwell, Audrianna Comfort, Angelina Corwin, Cooper Dacheux, Audriana Davis, Diana Dibble, Leah Earle, Danika Gardner, Jeremiah Jackson, Emily Mader, Lena Madison, Brandon Mattison, Lucas Moon, Sean Morehouse, Jack Nolan, Jessica Slocum, Jada Smith, Chandler Southard, Torrina Stratton, Daniel Wilson, Lily Vargeson.

SongFest Award

Audrey Davis, Leah Earle, Jessica Slocum, Stacy Logan, Chandler Southard, Lily Vargeson.

Chorus Excellence Award

Lukas Bellows, Ella Churchill, Audrianna Comfort, Angelina Corwin, Darby Crance, Diana Dibble, Audriana Davis, Leah Earle, Stacy Logan, Lena Madison, Sean Morehouse, Kristen Pratt, Treonna Seeley, Jessica Slocum, Chandler Southard, Lily Vargeson, Daniel Wilson.

Band Excellence Awards

Ella Churchill, Darby Crance, Brandon Mattison, Lucas Moon, Jack Nolan, Chandler Southard, Tori Stratton.

All Star Band Award

Ella Churchill, Darby Crance, Brandon Mattison, Lucas Moon, Chandler Southard, Tori Stratton.

Physical Education Awards

Ella Churchill, Sean Morehouse, Tori Stratton.

Clark Wood Yearbook Awards

Keith Burrell, Tori Stratton.

Positive Behavior Woot Woot Awards

Danika Gardner, Chandler Southard, Daniel Wilson.