After nearly three decades in the financial sector, David Nowacoski and his wife, Marla, made the decision to return to David’s childhood farming roots.

The Nowacoskis operate WindStone Landings Farms in Columbia Crossroads, the home base of Delivered Fresh, a farm-to-table food delivery service. Delivered Fresh, founded in 2018, boasts 5,000 customer accounts and employs eight people.

“This kind of came about by accident,” said Nowacoski, “We’ve been selling products from our farm for nine years, and after a couple of years we went 100% wholesale and started to sell at the region’s farmers markets. My wife got friendly with the other vendors and customers, and began picking up items that we don’t produce from other farms and bringing them to market for customers. By 2017, she was shopping for about 30 families through her cell phone.

“Also,” recalled Nowacoski, “Marla started noticing that, at markets, people had to stop separately at each vendor to get what they wanted. No one goes to 15 different stores to get all their groceries – we thought that we should put it all together for customers. I also asked myself, ‘How can I promote small farms in our area and help them do well?’ That winter, we put together our e-commerce store.”

Delivered Fresh receives orders online, gathers those products from local farms, them boxes it and delivers to a customer’s door within a given, guaranteed time frame. More than 500 products are available, ranging from meat, breads and dairy to soaps and other healthy personal products.

“Everything is as chemical-free as possible,” says Nowacoski. “We provide as clean a food stream as we can. We are also committed to complete transparency; every item is labeled and the very few items that we do import from outside the area are very clearly labeled.”

In uncertain economic times, Delivered Fresh is experiencing rapid growth. Nowacoski notes that due to COVID-19 health concerns, many customers feel more secure with home food delivery.

“We started delivering pre-pandemic, but once it hit, everything went crazy. We are closing in on a million dollars of revenue for local farms that might have otherwise been spent in big box grocery stores. It shows the support local farmers have from our community. Knowing that our neighbors are willing to invest is incredibly motivating and appreciated. That’s a big deal – it’s one of our goals to help small farms distribute their products.”

Delivered Fresh vehicles travel 1,800 each week, gathering products from more than 60 individual farms. Nowacoski calls this territory the “four corners”: farms range from Corning to Asaph, from Tunnkannock to Binghampton.

Products are purchased by Delivered Fresh; there are no distribution fees imposed on farmers. No long-term commitment is asked of customers who place orders, and no minimum purchase is required. Just as in a grocery store, customers select each item – Delivered Fresh is not a Community Supported Agriculture.

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