I Love My Hometown

Doreen Burnside

I love Tioga because we have a strong sense of community. Community is looking out for your neighbor, sharing in joys and lending a hand in times of trouble.

I am grateful for the business in our little town. We have Tyoga Container, Glass Torch Technologies, C&N Bank, Tioga Post Office, Keystone Creations, Pump & Pantry, Jason’s Pub, Tioga Twist plus many home-based businesses. These are so important in keeping my town here.

Tioga is blessed to have a town pool, a roller skating rink and a food pantry. Many people have helped to keep in operation what our ancestors started.

Yes, it’s about community! Tioga has continued to hold Memorial Day services in May, a reading of the Declaration of Independence in July, Old Home Day in August, 911 Ceremony in September, a kids Halloween parade in October and Tioga Lights Parade in November with special guests Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. Busy for a little burg!

Our local park was recently named The Francis Murphy Memorial Park in his honor. Our park has a covered basketball pavilion that allows games, parties, winter ice skating rink and Old Home Day’s yearly auction.

Tioga is situated between the Tri-Lakes: Cowanesque, Tioga- Hammond and Ives Run. My family has taken up kayaking due to these lakes. This provides much free entertainment as do watching our many eagles and ospreys.

Funny story: The children at Tioga Pool named two frequent eagles Bert and Ernie. One day, an eagle flew over the pool and lost its fish into the pool. Ever see screaming, scrambling children?

I love to hike and bike and there are unlimited options here. One of my favorite walks is up to the connecting channel of Tioga- Hammond and Ives Run. The view from there is amazing.

I was raised in Tioga until I was 9. My family moved to Maple Hill just outside of Arnot. I have lived in Corning, N.Y. and Syracuse, N.Y. and like they say: There is no place like home. Many childhood memories and family are what brought me back home when I was 20. From my front porch rocking chair, I am able to see our gorgeous Pennsylvania Welcome Center.

Bragging some? You bet because I love Tioga!