Local News

Deerfield Township Supervisors scheduled a public hearing in connection with requests for the addition of lands to the local Agricultural Security area. The hearing is the next step in the process of adding property to the area and will be held at 7 p.m. July 2. An Agricultural Security Area is intended to promote farming. The involvement in the Ag Security area protects the farm land from nuisance ordinance and condemnation for the purpose of building new schools, highways, parks and other projects. Those wishing to place land in the area must meet certain guidelines.

Supervisors discussed a letter from Tioga County Planning Commission notifying townships/boroughs of its intent to apply to the state for a grant for a baseline water quality data program. The objective is to establish a baseline for ground water quality data for private water supplies.

The status of a Dirt and Gravel Road Project on Grubb Road was discussed with progress being made. Additional improvements are expected on the Doan and Morehouse Roads as well as the remainder of the Grubb Road outside the Dirt and Gravel Road Project area. Grant funds paid for the work in the project area. Supervisor Roger Bacon said the five member work crew works well together “We are making progress,” she said.

Supervisors agreed to donate three bicentennial books about the township to the Potter and Tioga County Historical Societies and the Knoxville Public Library. Additional books are available for purchase through the Historical Records Preservation Committee and the township office.

Supervisors received word from Chris Kenyon, the township solicitor, concerning the lack of a contract with the Knoxville Deerfield Volunteer Fire Department proposing efforts for the two entities to meet to develop a contract for 2019. Optional dates will be offered to the solicitors in an effort to set a date for the meeting.

Deerfield Township Supervisors will meet July 2