Indians Football

Kole Hurler, Tucker St. Peter and Owen Fitzwater during their Homecoming victory on Friday night.

The Cowanesque Valley Indians football team has had a very interesting year in terms of changes and shifting into a new direction. The Indians currently sit at 2-5 which is a big improvement from the last two seasons, where the Indians had dropped 18 games in a row at one point.

The new coach, offense and culture is the biggest change to the Indians football program, and they have been trying to continuously improve each game as the season plays out. Coach Michael Schmitt has been the injection of new life in the Indians program, and has helped change the culture and approach to the game of his players and coaches.

When asked about who has been the standouts, coach said “Obviously Seth is a great kid and a great senior, I’d have loved to coach him his whole career. It’s hard to only have a few months with him. I really think he could be a great quarterback and I think he could play quarterback at the next level. And I’d love to see him have that oppurtunity.”

Schmitt has also been impressed by the senior on the other side of the ball leading the way, which is Owen Fitzwater and his tackling abillity for the Indians.

Schmitt was also impressed by the growth of a lot of the players on his defense so far this season. “Luke Willis has really come up. This is his first year ever playing and he’s really come out these past couple of games. I’ve been really happy with him.” Some other players whose improvement was noted are TJ Madison and Isaac Huntington two juniors who have been great in their last few games. Schmitt was also very optimistic about the younger players they have and thinks that their continued progression is going to be a key for the Indians in future seasons.

There hasn’t been too many surprises on the Indians roster this season with everyone playing up to what Scmitt had expected, but when asked about the biggest one for the Indians this season, Schmitt was blown away at how good Seth Huyler has been all year long. “I think Seth is a lot better than I originally thought he would be, I think his numbers could be even better. We’ve dropped so many balls even tonight, his abillity to take up the offense has been great and if he plays in North Penn, I think that game is different.”

Schmitt doesn’t feel as if his players are very far off from putting it together as a team. “We just lacked a little bit here and there.” Schmitt commented on where his team stands at this point in the season.

The goal for the team remain the same, which is to try and get better each game. Also coming up with a few wins for the seniors who are leaving was something that Schmitt had said was important to him. “If we play good games in the last three, we could win two out of those three. It’s really about staying healthy and trying to send the seniors off hopefully with another win.”

The Indians next game is at 7 p.m. at home where they host the 5-2 Sayre Redskins who just suffered a loss to the Canton Warriors.