The following people were sentenced in TIoga County Court Monday, June 24.

State Prison

Richard H. Moore, III, 35, of Lawrenceville, re-sentenced to 14-48 months in state prison for delivery of a controlled substance, heroin May 23, 2018, credit for 279 days time served, $500 fine.

County Prison

Elliott T. Gile, 22, of Mansfield, re-sentenced to 30 days to 12 months in jail for defiant trespass Feb. 3, credit for 30 days time served, fined $50; resentenced to 12 months probation for defiant trespass by communication Feb. 3, 2018, consecutive to other sentence.

Shannon S. Rogers, 38, of Wellsboro, five years intermediate punishment, 90 days work release, six months electronic monitoring, probation, $500 fine.


Brandon L. Putman, 21, of Mansfield, parole revoked for receiving stolen property and simple assault June 18, 2017, credit for street time, resentenced for simple assault, probation reinstated for 18 months to run concurrently with parol sentence, fined $150, parole revoked for a second count of receiving stolen property, parole revoked for street time, stands committed.

Brian L. Padgett, 39, 39, of Tioga, 9 months probation for simple assault Nov. 23, 2018, $25 fine.

Patricia D. Dillin, 35, of Blossburg, 12 months probation for theft and receiving stolen property Sept. 25, 2017, $50 fine, no contact with family of victims.

Dustin M. Lockwood, 28, of Wellsboro, nine months probation for criminal mischief April 18, $820 restitution.

Mark T. Hitsman, 21, of Tioga, probation revoked for use/possession of marijuana July 9, 2018, stand committed pending resentencing Aug. 7.


Kristan J. Spencer, 30, of Wellsboro, accelerated rehabilitative disposition revoked June 24 for a DUI conviction Dec. 3, 2019.

Gilbert A. Matthews, 26, of Corning, N.Y., three months for contempt of violation of order Feb. 20, $300 fine.

Jessy L. Cole, 31, of Knoxville, nine months probation for DUI Oct. 17, 2018, 30 days driver’s license suspension.

Carla J. May, 48, of Tioga, 12 months for simple assault April 25.