WESTFIELD — The Westfield Borough Council continued discussion of the sewer project at the Tuesday, May 28 meeting.

Engineers Alan Zeigler and Shawn Downey, of Larson Design Group, were at the meeting to discuss the on-going project. Zeigler handed out a 30-page memo and spoke for an hour describing the final studies, designs and funding of the sewer system upgrade now underway. He said he would be retiring in August and that Downey, who has been working with him for 10 years, would be succeeding him.

The borough will find out July 17th what funding proposal PennVest will offer. Depending on the proportion of grants and low-interest loans, the residents’ minimum monthly sewer bill will be as low as $60 or as high as $90. The rate is $45 a month now. After receiving the PennVest proposal July 17, council will have to decide whether to accept the offer or refuse it and take the chance of a better offer in the next round of PennVest funding, or possibly trying for USDA funding.

Mayor Beth Rowland had been the speaker on Memorial Day at the Krusen Cemetery, where the C. V. High School Band played the National Anthem and Carlton Swetland and the American Legion directed the ceremony. The Crary Hose Fire Company had led the parade.

Belinda Flynn and Norris Monroe of Lincoln Street and Todd Putman of Mill Street requested that council approve ATV travel on some streets, so the ATV riders can get from one off-road trail to another. Flynn explained the proposal and said it had been implemented in Knoxville Borough, Clymer Township and other municipalities.

Council president James Davis said he would assign the request to a council committee and they will consult with the Solicitor and Police Department and respond to the request.

Council voted to buy a “molded rear seat” for the new police car. The old police car had one. The cost is $1,116.

No bids were received for building a new pavilion at Riverside Park to replace the one destroyed by a falling tree, so the borough is free to hire a contractor without further bidding and also to solicit and receive possible donations of labor or materials.

There was an executive session on “personnel” at the end of the meeting. After the executive session the council adjourned.