Chelsea Hungerford

Chelsea Hungerford controls the ball during a tough loss in their first round district matchup to the Towanda Black Knights.

WILLIAMSPORT -- The Williamson Warriors girls soccer team headed to Williamsports for their district game against the Towanda Black Knights last Wednesday after an impressive bounce back season in which they were able to claw back from a winless records last year, and a 1-7-1 start to the beginning of the current season.

During their district matchup with the Towanda Black Knights on Tuesday, Oct. 22, the weather was a clear factor even before the game started. The contest was moved to the Loyalsock field last minute due to the flooding of the original site during their 5-0 loss to the Black Knights.

During the game, the weather continued to have an effect, with goalkeeper Ackley struggling to get a grip on the ball over the first few minutes of play, with two goals just barely slipping through her hands.

Towanda scored three quick goals, and then the Williamson defense settled in. Ackley made a few extremely difficult saves and played a great game despite what the score insinuated.

In the second half the Warriors became much more aggressive but were unable to capitalize during that stretch. The Williamson team showed a lot of grit during their game, and it should be noted that defensively in the second half they played a much better game as well.

The Williamson girls soccer team showed an extreme amount of resilience this season, rallying from 1-7-1 to make a birth in district play, and their coach was extremely proud of the team they had put together.

“I contribute our success to our team mentality. Since I have taken over, we have always been and always will be a family, not just a team. They are the most selfless, hardworking, big-hearted and coachable kids I have ever seen. They conformed to my style of play and coaching with no problem and listen to and trusted me from the start. We have had games where we were losing double-digits, and still kept our heads up, worked as hard as we could, and focused on getting better not ripping each other apart. We never lost. We learned.“ Hungerford said about the teams success and turn around of his team this season.