A Williamson soccer player takes shot on goal during the matchup between Williamson and Campbell Savona on Saturday, Feb. 22.

WILLIAMSON — The Williamson High School hosted its first indoor soccer tournament of the year, with eight different schools participating over the weekend including Campbell Sovona, Williamson, SC Strikers, Addison, Avoca, Canisteo, Newark and PDA all in attendance.

The tournament consisted of four different age groups with the grade four division brackets ending with a Campbell Savona and Elkland matchup with the championship being decided in overtime, and Elkland pulled off a win in the first period of overtime.

The grade six division came down down to the Avoca and PDA teams, with PDA winning in an 8-0 shutout.

PDA also was able to grab a win in the grade eight division by a score of 2-1 over the SC Strikers as well.

In the final division, Naples and the SC Strikers faced off in the finals of the grade ten division, Naples came out with their first tournament win of the afternoon by a score of 3-1.

The next tournament for the Williamson indoor soccer league will be in Addison, N.Y. on Saturday, Feb. 29.

The full results from quarterfinals matchups and finals matchups from each division are listed below:


Avoca(1) v Campbell Savona(5)

SCSC Explosion(0) v Elkland(5)

Elkland(2) v Campbell Savona(2)

**Elkland won in the first period of OT.


Addison(1) v Avoca(2)

Westfield(0) v PDA(6)

Avoca(0) v PDA(8)


PDA(5) v Avoca(1)

SC Strikers(4) v Addison(1)

PDA(2) v SC Strikers(1)


Newark(0) v Naples(3)

Canisteo(1) v SC Strikers (3)

Naples(3) v SC Strikers(1)