The Blossburg Water Authority, in conjunction with Blossburg Borough and Hamilton Township, is notifying all customers that elevated levels of mercury were discovered in routine water sampling. 

Samples on Thursday, Jan. 24, showed mercury at 0.0038 mg/L, exceeding the EPA health advisory level of 0.002 mg/L. According to EPA, consuming water that contains a contaminant above this health advisory level may be a serious health concern and consumers may incur kidney damage even if the water is drank for a relatively short period of time.


Do NOT drink the water. Use bottled water or alternative sources for drinking, cooking, food preparation  until further notice. Throw away ice cubes if made with tap water.

Do NOT boil the water. Boiling, freezing, filtering or letting water stand does not reduce the mercury level. Excessive boiling can make mercury more concentrated because mercury remains behind when the water evaporates.


The Blossburg Municipal Authority will let customers know when the amount of mercury is within normal limits. The high level of mercury came from the Bellman Water Treatment Plant. The Authority will use water from the Sportsman Club Well until the problem is resolved. When additional tests have been completed and if the test results come back OK, customers will be notified.

There is no specified time for solving this issue.

For more information, contact the Blossburg Municipal Authority at (570) 638-2452.