The Northern Potter Lady Panthers basketball team was defeated at home by the Coudersport Lady Falcons. It was a close game by the end of the third quarter, but all of the successfully made foul shots by Coudersport at the end of the fourth quarter caused Northern Potter to fall short. The game ended with a final score of 41-22.

Mikayla Gunn scored the first point for Coudersport with a 3-point shot; Megan Hyde started the game with a two point shot for Northern Potter.

Shortly after, Gunn was sent to the line where she scored a foul shot, followed by a layup scored by her teammate Elizabeth Frame.

Lauren Stimaker made one foul shot point for Coudersport. Frame was on fire with a another layup followed by a steal and a successful fast break layup right after, ending the first quarter with a final score of 11-2, Coudersport.

Going into the second quarter, Rosalyn Page scored a layup for Coudersport. Northern Potter’s Courtney Martin and Madison Hoopes both scored two points each in foul shots, followed by Page with another layup.

Then Martin scored a layup for Northern Potter, followed by a layup and foul shot made by Page.

Northern Potter’s Faith Zdrojewski scored two foul shots; Frame answered with her own two foul shots. The second quarter ended with a layup by Stimaker for Coudersport and a score of 22-10.

The third quarter kicked off for Coudersport with a foul shot made by Frame and a layup by Sarah Chambers.

Lydia Zdrojewski sank a two point shot in the key for Northern Potter, followed by a layup from Hyde. Gunn made a layup for Coudersport and then Zdrojewski sank another two-point shot for Northern Potter.

Hoopes scored two foul shot points for Northern Potter. Frame had a foul shot for Coudersport. The third quarter ended with a layup from Northern Potter’s Aubrey Anderson and a final score of 27-20.

Going into the final quarter of the game with a seven point lead from Coudersport, it was still anyone’s game. Chambers started the fourth quarter off with a layup for Coudersport. Anderson was sent to the line where she made one foul shot. Page scored a layup and two foul shots for Coudersport followed by one foul shot point for Northern Potter by Zdrojewski. Chambers stole the show by making a total of six foul shot points and ended the game with a final score of 41-22.

Coudersport Stats:

Mikayla Gunn, 6 points; Lauren Stimaker, 3 points; Elizabeth Frame, 9 points; Sarah Chambers, 12 points; Rosalyn Page, 11 points.

Northern Potter Stats:

Aubrey Anderson, 3 points; Courtney Martin, 4 points; Megan Hyde, 4 points; Madison Hoopes, 4 points; Lydia Zdrojewski, 5 points; Faith Zdrojewski, 2 points.