The Northern Potter boys basketball team went neck in neck with Oswayo Valley resulting in overtime. As a result, Northern Potter took the win with a final score of 62-57.

1st quarter: 20-19

2nd quarter: 27-28

3rd quarter: 40-37

4th quarter: 53-53

Overtime: 62-57

Northern Potter’s Coach Erway said their win came down to some stops made on defense and hitting their free throws.

Northern Potter stats:

Anthony Benway: two total points

Ryan Langworthy: 12 total points

Aj Lehman: two total points

Carter Anderson: 27 total points, 8 steals

Michael Moore: four total points

Tre Slawson: six total points

Luke Wills: three total points

Ezra Sprow: six total points, 14 rebounds

Oswayo Valley stats:

Noah Wichert: 17 total points

Honor Gross: one total point

Carter Stedman: three total points

Gunner Bean: seven total points

Cayden Black: nine total points

Ian Bilski: nine total points

Alex Phillips: 11 total points

The Northern Potter boys next game is at home against Cameron County on Jan. 16 at 7:15 p.m.

The Oswayo Valley boys next game is at home against Otto-Eldred on Jan. at 7:30 p.m.